Yelling in English

When my daughter and I talk about dinosaurs,
she always starts to talk about the dinosaur in Guam.

It always goes like this, always same.

P(my daughter): "I saw a dinosaur in Guam."

S(Sally): "Wow! Are you sure about that?"

P: "Yes! I saw a bone (of a dinosaur ) in Guam."

S: "Really~?"

P: "Yeah! Daddy saw the dinosaur ,too!"

S: "Oh yeah? But I don't remember that."


S: "...I see."

I enjoyed shopping all alone and my daughter
spent most time with her father when we went to Guam
two years ago.

I love the way she yells "YOU WERE SHOPPING!"
with her hands on her waist and frowning.

Actually the dinosaurs she is talking about is not
really fossill. Just in case☆

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When I told my daughter

"Hey, put this book away.",

my daughter said

"No. Not THIS but THAT. "

At first I didn't know what she was talking about.
Then she continued

"THIS is wrong. You have to say THAT."

And so I found out that she was trying to correct
my English. I was a kind of upset and started to
excuse myself explaining I was not wrong because
THE BOOK was close enough to use THIS.

I was surprised at myself excusing myself
so hard. And now I feel that maybe my daughter was
right and I shouldn't have talked her back that way.

Sometimes she speaks English so fast and she doesn't
even make a single mistake. Although it doesn't happen
so often, it's amazing.

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Junie B. Jones

I showed my daugher the books I bought.
She said

"Thank you, mom. I love you♪"

She looked so happy. And she also said

"I watched this video in the kindergarten."

pointing one of the books. So I asked her
if it was in Japanese or English.

"Of corse in Japanese! For other Japanese kids."

She looked a little unhappy about it.

And I believe she just mixed up the character
in the video and the one in the book.
The main character of one of the books
wears glasses and he just looks like

Anyway we started to read the new chapter book.

She chose "Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus"
to read first.

It is fun. Just too short, though.

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High Way

I went to my in-laws' house with my daughter today.
It took more than two hours to get there
and we had such a fun speaking English on our way.

When I was driving straight forward, some of the cars
next to me turned left. And my daughter asked me

"Where are they going?"

so I replied

"Maybe some of them are going to the high way."

Then she continued

"And maybe some of them are going to the low way."


"No,no,no. There is no low way, only a highway!"

I said.


"Oh, I didn't know!"

She laughted. And what was funny is the way she said
"Oh, I didn't know!" was just like mine.

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Yesterday my daughter wrote a letter to Santa.
It's for the Christmas present as you know.

I did not help her to spell the words and
she did not ask me anything.

She just started to write and it took just
a couple of minutes. She did it so easily.

This is the letter she wrote↓




She wanted to write:

To Santa
Santa, I want Dora's video
From ☆☆

☆☆ is her name.

She made a lot of spelling mistakes
but still it is quite good, isn't it?

Every year I make her write a letter to
Santa and I just keep them in the box.
This is the first letter in English.

I'm happy. Finally she started to write
in English. So far, So good♪

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